These are links to what has changed on the firefall page recently.

March 28, 2002:

I made a new firefall!! I talked with Puoneh who heads the Flaming Lotus Girls. I said I'd always wanted to do a lilypad pond, and would she like collaborate on it and make the flowers. She was very interested, so I started doing some tests. Here's the home page for this new firefall!

March 25, 2002:

I made a new page! This is a "best of" Egeria site.

In fact, Egeria is now in full swing. It's silly to update this page just for Egeria. So new additions here will be for the other firefalls.

March 5, 2002:

Restructured the home pages, including changing the background to something more readable.
Adding more and more stuff about Egeria. Too much to name! This time around, added the flat budget list of items.

Feb. 16, 2002:

Put up some pics of Shakleton's Feast and some new diaries.

Feb. 13, 2002:

Just put up some new links. That's it for now! New pics soon of Shakleton's Feast at the ShipYard!

Jan 17, 2002:

Here's another fountain reference for Egeria: Gallery of photos
I'm getting Egeria back up and rolling again. If you're interested in joining our group, email me and let me know.

Boy it would sure be nice to put up some photos from Burning Man this year!
Well...we had so much trouble with wind that the Cauldron never ran! What a big fat bummer, eh?? I'll put something up, though, just to prove it was there. :)

Hey, we got married out there, so we were a bit busy with something really important! :)

July 13, 2001:

Here's some more photos -- and the first photos from my birthday party!
Richard Cossel took some really lovely pictures.
Also, Joshua Marker took a nice picture of me trying to keep the Firefall lit at The Crucible Feast of Fire 2001.
I also put up a couple pics from breaking down the firefall before Absinthia's wedding.

June 26, 2001:

This is the Land of the Lost Photo update! It seems that a big handful of "forgotten" photos suddenly came out of the woodwork! Moocat and Otmar both gave me some really great photos that I had never seen before! Click on their names above to go to their new photos.

I have also added a new diary entry for the Crucible Feast Of Fire show that we took the Cauldron to this past weekend.

I also finally uploaded Scotch Night photos, both mine and Dan Lyke's photos.

Since someone told me they thought the Firefall was built by a guy, I decided to clear that up! I made a new page: about the artist.

Note: I wrote this entire diary entry using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It took six hours to write and edit the text, though it is quite long. I'm also attempting to edit this file using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. I even added a couple HTML commands using much simpler voice commands. It's not too bad, a little frustrating, and really slow. But I don't think I could have edited it by typing, after a long weekend doing more lifting than I should have...

So this is a call for any pictures you may have taken of the Firefall, but haven't sent to me. I would love to see them! And please let me know if I can put them up on my website.

May 16, 2001:

Finally got some decent scans of some of my favorite photos by Scott Bartlett. Moocat had us over and let us use his slide and negative scanner.

These photos can be found at these links:

Ceramic Thing: July 31, 1999
The Cauldron: August 22, 1999
The Cauldron: Burning Man, 1999
The Cauldron: Ben Macri's party (a few new photos and rescans)

I also fixed some broken links, esp the link to the second Ceramic Thing gallery on the home page. Enjoy!

Apr. 24th, 2001:

Finally added some over-due pictures to the site. Mostly spurred by Doug Patton, who had some pictures I hadn't known about! Those are in Gallery 5 There's also a new entry for a play night when we saw a lot of the elusive blue fireball! And movies of the fireball in motion! Also in Gallery 5.

Also added some pictures of the fixed Ceramic Thing! Yay! Those can be found in Gallery 2

I will eventually add a diary entry for my birthday party on April 14th, when I ran the Cauldron for the first time since Rachel's party, and the Ascention party to benefit the SFLNC to help preserve night life against attacks from the War On Drugs machine... At that show, I ran the Ceramic Thing for the first time since summer 1999!

Feb. 3rd, 2001:

Due to being a part of the lay-off boom, and also due to the fact that Scott and I are getting married I decided the best thing for my sanity was to put Egeria off for another year...

This was a depressing decision, as so many things had already fallen into place. But, ultimately, once I decided, that, too, fell into place, and I knew it was the right decision.

Jan. 9th, 2001:

Been a long time!!
I finally put up some pics from Burning Man 2000.

I've also started the Egeria page.
Check back there for updates periodically!

June 23:

The walkway is just not ready to be put up yet, so I'm leaving the link to the local firefall copy of the walkway...

June 13:

I finally restructured the website! I wrote a bunch of scripts to make page generation much easier. This is only the first step. From here, now that my pages are unified, it will be easier to make global changes to the entire site. So another, more visual, restructuring will happen eventually. For now, enjoy the site in it's fresh form!!

March 23:

I added a gallery, for some experiments I did for the Fire Walkway. Not quite a firefall, but it burns. :) Good enough to be here, says me! :)
NOTE: The thumbnails are broken. I'll get some in there in a few days.

Feb 29:

I added some pics of a test we did with my friend Joey and some lovely 6" diameter, 5' long, clear pyrex tubes he's aquired. For now, I'm calling he project The Pillars. I don't have a page right now, but will make one shortly. [And the above link should take you to the web page when it's done.]

Feb 7:

I added a diary entry, for the experiments gathering I had today.

I did some slight changes to the galleries and diaries file names.  I also changed the background to more what I want it to look like.  [Sorry if you hate it. :) ]

Feb 5:
I added more diary entries, mostly post-Crucible Fire Feast 2000 show.

I'm having a gathering at my place next monday to do some experiments for possible future plans, and some safety experiments.

Jan  24:
I added some diary entries, including the Crucible Fire Feast 2000 show.

Added a list in my FAQ of some other art ideas I have -- firefall, fire-related, and non-fire ideas.

I also began my diary of the next firefall: The Urn.

Also: my comments on the Yosemite firefall site were added to the reader comments page!

Jan  20:
I added a guestbook!  I used Matt Wright's guestbook that may be found at Matt's Script Archive.  [Note: I found this archive through my host's [Laughing Squid net] script FAQ.]

I hope eventually to add a field for "Where you saw the firefall."

Jan 17:
Changed the main page to be the Cauldron page -- most information here is about this one anyway.
So I moved any relevent info from the main page here.
Jan 4:
Added a section of suggestions to my FAQ.
Changed the target names in the diary pages and in the gallery pages.  Let me know if something's broken.
I plan to revamp the whole page, since the focus is now more on The Cauldron...
Jan 3:
Added pictures that Greg Solberg took at the Dec 29 Dr. Megavolt gathering.
Also, added some diary entries for Dec 29th as well.
And some random inspirations too.
Added a Gallery: Favorites page for choice firefall pictures.
Dec 27:
Added Scott's pictures to the Construction, Burning Man 99, and Post-bman99 galleries.
Also added some entries for the Solstice party and some new possibilities for showing the Firefall in the near future.
Dec 16:
Added pictures in-line to the Construction and Burning Man 99 diaries.
Pre Dec 16:
Finally entered some diary entries for Burning Man
Added a post-Burning Man diary!
Added many pictures to the Burning Man gallery page
Added some more pictures to the Construction gallery page
Did some minor reformatting of The Cauldron homepage