Firefalls in the news:

SF Chronicle -- Apr 5, 2002
Short mention and a photo:
"Kiki Pettit checks the water flow
for her "firefall" fountain that she's preparing for an art exhibition."

SF Weekly -- Feb 13, 2002
Short mention, among many other artists:
"folks huddle around the Firefall,
a large birdbath of flaming water created
by Shipyard artist Kiki Pettit."

Nervy Girl -- Jan/Feb 2002
An article on women artists at Burning Man
(I was one of three featured artists)

Leonardo Journal -- Gallery (on-line)
Special Burning Man section -- guest editor, Louis M. Brill
(I was one of the first ten featured)

SF Weekly, Jan 26, 2000
An article about the Crucible Fire Feast, mentions the "Fire Cauldron"
aka The Cauldron.

SF Chronicle -- July 9, 1999
This photo was the main picture for an article
about the Crucible Fire Art Festival.
(The cover photo is the Ceramic Thing)
This was on the front page of the Arts section:
"Viewers can put their hands into a stream
of water and fire in the sculpture 'Firefall.' "

"I don't know why, it just makes me nervous!"

This cute card was sent by my "other" mom [by marriage].
She's not too keen on our fun. :)
[She has spent her career working in a burn unit,
so she has good reasons to be nervous...]
But she's understanding.

Other fire fountains:

Eddie Egal in Germany has made some interesting fire/water art!
Here's Eddie Egal's Fire Shower
And here's Eddie Egal's lovely fire fountain

The famous Mirage Volcano in Las Vegas

A company called Legacy Effects that has a gas flame fountain

An article in Pool&Spa about the above company

Mitsui Fire Fountain in Los Angeles

Other firefalls:

Yosemite Firefall history
Long before my little idea...
The title photo is breath-taking!

Let the Fire Fall
Here's a lovely story about the Yosemite Firefall.

Yosemite Firefall poem
The same folks above sent me a link to this poem too.

Firefall, the music group
I think they were recently here in SF...

Some interesting links:

Naphtha: Greek Fire?

The differences among gasoline, diesel, naphtha, etc.

bilad al-naffata, "the land of the naphtha fountain."

Here's a bunch of pump links I found.

A poem written for The Cauldron

Please send me any more interesting links you find!

These are random links and useful businesses I discovered while constructing the Cauldron:


Pumps: Here's a list of pumps I found while researching pumps for the Cauldron.
If you're looking for large pumps, there's a bunch of great places listed here.
Misc supply places friends told me about:
<Nameless> plumbing supply in Oakland -- Shafter and 40th, Oakland.  Not gone there yet, but highly recommended by my friend John Wilson.

Bay Shore Metal -- A place my friend Alex went to as well.  Lots of stuff.

Allen Steel in Redwood City -- exotic metal!  Have to go there and browse!

AAA Salvage in Oakland -- new developments: CLOSED! :..(
This place is a goldmine of cool stuff!  But I shouldn't tell you that, since you'll go there and get all the good stuff! :) This is where I got the top bowl.  It was the last thing I saw there cuz I was about to leave.  It was glorious on top on an old rack!  I was terrified that they would want something ungodly price like $600 for I psyched myself up to offer $250 for it...  So I asked the guy what he wanted for it and he paused a while, then said, "how about $150..."  Inside, I was elated!  But I pretened to be a little I climbed up and looked it over again like I wasn't so sure...  "I'll give you $100."  Pause again, "$125 and you take the other stuff with it."  Deal! :)  Loren was with me and was saying, "it's just perfect for what she wants!"  I just wanted to shush him while I made my deal!  heehee! :)

Some old cool extinguisher links I had found and don't want to delete :)