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The Cauldron
The Cauldron

Chalice firefall by Scott Bartlett
Chalice -- NEW!!

The Ceramic Thing
The Ceramic Thing

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Pillars, by Joey Pettigrew

by Joey Pettigrew

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Ersatz Campfire, by Scott Bartlett
Ersatz Campfire

by Scott Bartlett

Thought, by Scott Bartlett

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The Ceramic Thing

"O for a muse of Fire, that would ascend
The brightest Heaven of Invention..."

--from the prolog of Henry V, by Will Shakespere

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copyright 1999 by Scott Bertlett

I was on a camping trip with my friend Leslie Picardo.
He brought the camping equipment so I bought some fuel for his stove.

We filled it up, but it didn't light.
We figured out that the fuel I bought was only water...
Someone had used it up and returned it filled with water!

So, having nothing to do and nothing to eat,
Leslie dumped the water out into a cup and lit the extra fuel.

It burned down to the water and stopped.

I said to myself, "That's kinda cool!"

From there, I build this first firefall!