Where have my Firefalls been seen?

Well, once it was done, my friends Rachel and Loren Carpenter wanted to see it, but we couldn't seem to get together...so I just packed it up in my car and took the mountain to them, so to speak. :)  I realized that it's rather easy to transport, so I've started taking it to places!

I took it first to my friend Vordo's every-six-weeks Abstrakt Zone.  This one was MMMMM.  It seemed to be a big hit and I spent most of the evening giving my schpeel on how it works.  I had a great time!

I next wanted to take it to the Flambé Lounge, but my car broke down and I arrived too late to set it up.

April 10th, 1999: I took it to the Burning Man Town Meeting. A lot of Burners saw it there and liked it alot!

Memorial Day, 1999: I took it to the playa for Memorial Day!  George and I went up there to help clean up some of the garbage that had resurfaced during the winter floods.  There was a big bar-b-que sunday, and a boy of maybe 11-12 or so played in the firefall for about an hour and a half!  It was a big hit!

June 12th, 1999: I took it to the Fire Arts Festival at The Crucible.  It was well received there, and I spent the whole night talking to people and showing them how it worked and answering questions.  I had a TON OF FUN!!!

July 4th, 1999: I took it to the playa again for July 4th, but it broke on top of the car on the way there. We wanted to glue the piece back so were afraid to get soot in the "wound" so didn't set it up. :(

I took it to the EL-Wire distribution party at Chris Petrell's house.  Chris is a great guy and has been working very hard for no pay with a massive EL-Wire order!  He's hoping to make it into a small business, so check out his page and order some of this cool stuff!!

Aug 20, 1999: I took the Ceramic Thing to my last Beer Bash at Pixar!  [I decided this was my last chance to get into trouble. :) :) ]  It was well received -- and some folks even tried putting their hands in it! :)  It was still sunny, so it didn't do it justice. :)

Aug 21st, 1999: I took the Ceramic Thing to David Catmull's birthday   A lot of generally stable, nice folks, but they liked it a lot too. :)

Aug 28-Sept 6, 1999: The Cauldron was at Burning Man 1999  That's why I built it in the first place! :)
It was located at Tic Toc Town, at 5:00 on the dial, on Mercury, in front of the Time Tunnel.
It ran about an hour on Thursday, and hour on Friday and a few hours after the Burn on Saturday night.
Of course, I wanted to run it longer than this, but I was so exhausted from working on it, plus I had to babysit it to make sure folks were safe, and I wanted to see some of Burning Man too!!

Since returning from Burning Man 1999, I no longer keep this page up.
For places where The Cauldron has made appearances,
check out my post-Burning Man diary on The Cauldron page.