Photos of the Artist

A lovely picture of me by Scott, in 2003
(my favorite picture)

Here's one of my first tests
to see if I could maintain fire on a running stream of water.

first flame tests with the top bowl

testing how much water flow the top bowl needs
this is 10,000 gallons per hour!

here, I'm discussing things with my old boyfriend George

priming the pump at Burning Man 1999

here, I'm explaining the Firefall at Burning Man 1999

me, posing with flames!
Scott is in the background
[note: when I broke up with George,
I cut my hair really short!]

me and my fiance, Scott

me, driving with Scott to the playa for July 4th
the Cauldron is in the trailer in the reflection in my glasses

a nice picture of me, with the moon at Burning Man 2000

I'm lighting the firefall at Burning Man 2000

Me and the Cauldron at my birthday party

Scott and I get the Firefall ready for the Crucible show
[note: my hair is getting long again!
And Scott dyes his hair blue!]

My favorite picture -- Burning Man 1999, lit by firefall light