Foo welds Mr. Foo -- neon artwork
    Mr. Foo [Mathew Harper] took neon classes at The Crucible, where he built a neon winged helmet.  He has also built a neon tree, and FKO sign [imitating the RKO letters].  He [with Sparky] designed and built the bombarder station.  He bought the full neon shop BANG! uses, and donates use of his shop for the equipment.

Kiki by firelightKiki Pettit -- neon artwork -- other artwork
    Kiki took her first neon class in 1992 at UNC-Chapel Hill.  She's taken two levels of neon at The Crucible, another at the Academy of Art University, and has taken the Plasma class at The Crucible.  She is a metal sculptor, and 3D graphics artist, and computer scientist.  Kiki is the enthusiastic push behind BANG!  Lately she has been focusing on neon lettering.

Dan Mosedale
    Dan has taken neon classes at The Crucible.  He is currently taking the Plasma class.

Ken Wronkiewicz
    Ken joined BANG! in 2001 and has been a very active member since.  He has taken neon classes at The Crucible, and is currently taking the Plasma class.

Tara Packard -- neon artwork
    Tara has taken neon classes at The Crucible, and the plasma class.  She had taken neon classes a number of years ago, and is getting back to it.

    Sparky helped design the bombarding station.  His electronics experience is a real asset to BANG!  Scott is a metal and fire sculptor as well as an Electronics Engineer.  He is also learning to bend neon and looks forward to incorporating neon and plasma into future pieces.

Bill Concannon -- neon artwork
    Bill owns a lovely neon sign shop in Crockett called Aargon Neon , and is teaching a neon class at the Academy of Art University.  Bill has been very generous with his information and supplies to BANG!

Dean Dibble
   Dean is an amateur lampworker/sculptor interested in the mix of neon, metal and stone for statements about technology and science.  While he continues to work on building his own garage/studio he hopes to contribute to Bang and the artistic culture of the Bay Area. To those ends, he has already generously donated enough fittings to add xenon to BANG!'s manifold, as well as a single flame torch, and a lecture bottle of argon.

Roger Carr
    Roger has taken neon1 at The Crucible and worked directly with Ed Kirshner on the plasma kaleidoscope for his BM 2003 project 'Spirata Luminosa'.  Roger is also a faculty at The Crucible, and will be teaching a titanium welding class for the winter '04 session.  He has his own shop in his garage, and takes his tubes to a local sign shop for bombarding, but has been very generous to BANG!  The Hastings gauge was donated by him, as well as some other pieces of equipment.

Gary Xaoui
    Gary has taken some glass blowing classes, and has taking quickly to neon.

Bryson, bending his own tubing Bryson DeJong -- neon artwork
    Bryson is a glass blower at SFSU and is learning to pull his own tubes, using uranium glass!

Peter [what's your last name?] -- neon artwork
    Peter has taken neon classes at the Crucible, and has built his own controller for Tech22 transformers he used in a neon piece for his class.

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