Site requirements:

Location requirements:  One of us must see the site before we will bring it.

12'x12' level, nonflammable area -- when placed in the center, this allows 5' of clearance.
12'x 9' level, nonflammable area -- when placed in front of a wall.  This allows 5' of
                                                                 clearance in front and on the sides, and 2' of clearance
                                                                 on the backside.
Site can be indoors or out -- If inside, need good ventilation and 10' ceilings minimum.
Access to the site that's at least 4' 6" wide and 6' tall -- The piece can be sectioned if necessary.
None -- completely self contained.
Time requirements:
30 minutes to set up
Artwork can run unattended for extended periods.
Other requirements:
Event Insurance -- you must have Event Insurance or take resposibility for the event.

Alcohol: Drinking and fire are dangerous!  It is our experience that the later parties go on, the drunker folks get, and the less they heed our gentle warnings...  We have suggestions and solutions to keep folks safer.


Height: minimum of 6'.  I scale the height to the event (taking into consideration the nature of the space)
Sphere: approximately 48" diam
Materials: steel, copper, and brass wireframe with vinyl tubing.
Fuel: one 16oz. disposable propane canister.  Fuel is injected into piece with an off the shelf propane torch.
Controls: Computer controlled ignition system ignites the fuel at adjustable intervals ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes.

Fuel requirements: 1 canister lasts >6 hours

Power requirements: 12V battery for computer control

Footprint: 4' round, plus space for one 5lb. CO2 fire extinguisher nearby.




1 5lb CO2 extinguisher

A single, off the shelf 16oz. disposable propane canister with a propane torch is the sole fuel source.

Safety measures:
Physical interaction with the piece is not expected.

The piece will only be set up in areas with good ventilation.  Thus any excess propane will be quickly dissapated into the surrounding air.

In the end, it is important to realize that fire is dangerous. We keep a realistic attitude about this project. Nothing is perfect, and though it is of the utmost importance to be as safe as possible, we cannot prevent all possible problems.

On a more positive note, the amount of fuel we are using is very small.