The Urn firefall
Diary of construction of the Urn firefall

This is [will be] the third firefall I will build. I want an urn to pour into a bottom pool,
and the flames at the top will [hopefull] be slow and pleasing.

January 21st, 2000: Bought an urn!

January 21st, 2000: Bought an urn!
I've been missing having the Ceramic Thing, a small firefall, that I can just toss in the back of my car and take to parties...  I've been thinking a lot about what the next one is to be.  I decided I wanted an urn pouring a small stream over into a tub like the Ceramic Thing, but I hope that the flames inside the urn will be slow and sensual.

Today, I bought an urn to be used as the top of the next firefall I want to build!  So I'm now on my way!

I'm hoping to build a steel holder that will hold the urn at an angle so it can pour a slow stream of water into a pool.  The urn has a hole in the bottom to be used as a planter.  The one I got has a crack in the edge.  I got it for half price.  I won't mind if it breaks, since I can easily get another one from the same place and I want to do experiments with this first anyway.

A small ceramic urn I got a while back to use with the lighting ceremony make tinking noises with fire in it, like it might shatter.  So I'm a little worried this one might break eventually.  I want to play around with this one first before I commit to too much.