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Egeria -- current project

The Cauldron
The Cauldron

Chalice firefall by Scott Bartlett
Chalice -- NEW!!

The Ceramic Thing
The Ceramic Thing

Lilypads -- a collaboration with the Flaming Lotus Girls

Other Firefalls
    (Folks made their own)

Pillars, by Joey Pettigrew

by Joey Pettigrew

Other projects

Ersatz Campfire, by Scott Bartlett
Ersatz Campfire

by Scott Bartlett

Thought, by Scott Bartlett

  Color Space
  Fire Walkway


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Five Pillars

"A nifty quote will eventually go here."

--Kiki, upon setting up this page.

Gallery 1

Diary 1

(c) Kiki 2000

My friend Joey of the Burning Band got his hands on some surplus pyrex tubes, 6" diameter and 5' tall.

He plans on making 5 firefalls from them in a circle for Burning Man 2000.