How it works

How does it work?

(I just realized I should probably say this: if you attempt to build this yourself, you could SERIOUSLY BURN yourself and/or the area nearby or start a serious fire. This is FIRE, which is dangerous. I'm using white gas aka camping fuel and it burns VERY HOT. If you get it on you and it starts to burn, it will burn your skin! I was very careful building this, and always had at least one spotter -- who knows what to do if I caught on fire or the area nearby caught on fire; do you? -- and usually more when I worked. I am wise, you may not be. So don't come crying to me for your stupidity. It's your risk.)

On another note:

Call for participation!

As I mentioned, I float a small amount of burnable fuel (in my case, I use camping fuel, or white gas, which is more pure and leaves little residue.)

The trick is to get it into the water.

Please send me email if you're more interested in how this works.