Firefall Limited Edition Utilikilts!

The deadline to get your kilt by Burning Man is June 1st
But we're not quite done planning!
So order anyway, and we'll keep you updated!

(You can still order after June 1st,
you just may not get it by Burning Man...)

What to do
"You're not finished?"

Email for more info

Utilikilts image
What is a "utilikilt"?
I highly recommend you visit their web page !  They have agreed to let us purchase your kilt, then affix a copper label to it and charge a little more as a fundraiser, then send it on to you!  The copper label design is below.
Here's the deal:
For $25 more, you will get a "Firefall Limited Edition" utilikilt and we get some money for our project!

The limited edition will have a copper label riveted to the UK.  The copper label will be made from leftovers from the Egeria firefall project .  This will truly be a "limited edition" and very special!  We will make 150 copper labels and no more for ever and ever.  (We may, in the future, do a cheaper embroidered or silkscreened version, but never again something this cool!)

It will be etched with (something like) this design:

Copper label graphic
The deadlines (2002) are like this:
HURRY!!  June 1st : to get it by Burning Man
    Stop by Firetown if you don't get it before!
June 15th: might not make it by Burning Man, but will be done not long after you return
August 1st: Last order before we head to Burning Man!  Later than this and we'll deal with it when we return.
September 25th: deadline for xmas!  [If there's any left!]
Ongoing: we'll sell these until we sell out -- to get out of debt. :)
Go here and READ CAREFULLY HOW TO SIZE YOURSELF!!  There're absolutely no returns because we are puncturing for the rivets, so do this carefully!  You can call them with questions.
    For women HIPS NOT WAIST:
    [me too, heck yeah!]
    This will confuse them as they are a well greased machine that doesn't deviate from the path!
    Here's a page that's printable

Make checks out to "Burning Ideas"
Send to:
Burning Ideas UK Fundraiser
421 Clarence St.
Richmond, CA 94801

Email for more info


We're still tweeking the design, changing fonts and stuff, so understand that some little things in the design may change.  We figure you want your UK for Burning Man, so we're getting the word out ASAP!

If we can find a stamp at a reasonable price, we'll stamp the labels, but if not, we'll etch them.  The label will be riveted on with either copper or black rivets, most likely the waistband.  (If this turns out to be uncomfortable or not doable, we might find a better place...)

We will keep you posted, or check back here for final design changes!