Egeria Schedule

Burning Man 2002

Schedule graph

Research and Experiments -- whatever technical details still need proving. This can be done without the grant money. This will always be on-going, as we find better ways to do things.

Top bowl -- This should get done ASAP. This is an experiment for the others.
Middle bowl -- This starts near to the top bowl. Many things can be done in parallel.
Bottom bowl -- The biggest challenge. Much done in conjunction, when tools are available.

Lighting -- the propane lighting is mostly proof of concept for one, then rapid assembly for all. This also includes planning and cutting parts for the propane and naphtha housing.

Non-assembled -- parts that are not needed are ordered throughout, at our leisure, and as we find better prices.

Stones and fish -- Stones will have molds being built as well as the stones themselves, so their production increases exponentially throughout. Stones can be done in modules -- workers taking a couple of molds home to work on at their leisure.

Outer wall -- some of the wood will be cut and made ready, but much will have to be constructed on-site.

Assembly -- this includes some packing, then the week of assembling on-site.