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Egeria -- Monday, November 04, 2002 at 16:38:09 (EST)

Egeria -- Monday, November 04, 2002 at 16:38:09 (EST)

Every time I start a letter to all of you at the close of this project, it ends in frustration and self-pity...  This project was hard on me, far harder than I expected, and in ways I didn't and couldn't foresee.  I look at Egeria and look back on how I handled the project, and see only the flaws.
But I guess that's an artist for you. :)
If I *really* look back, though, I see just how *many* people *did* help.  Steve Dartt, for one, would *call me up* and ask for work from very early on, and he helped me a lot in forcing me not to work alone. :)  And some of the weekends worked were *glorious*!  One weekend in particular, I did no work at all, just oversaw everything, answered questions, and gave advice.  [Which *is* work, I guess. :) I just wanted to pound copper... :) ]  It was a little difficult and frustrating, but I also saw the power in it, and how much smoother things went.  I'm learning. :)
When Egeria was lit up at night at Burning Man, those were the most triumphant times!  When we run the Cauldron, it's usually a stream of questions, how does it work, what's the fuel, how did you come up with the idea.  With Egeria, it was constant awe, excitement, wordless hugs and congratulations.  People lined up and waited to thank me for Egeria.  Even at the Decompression, one guy ran up to me and said, "thank you for Egeria!"
She is something for us all to be *very* proud of!  She meant a *lot* to many people out there at Burning Man -- and will again, and has already, as she is run after the Event.
We built a friggin *fountain* in the desert, folks!  A water fountain on *fire*, if that can be believed!  And even when she didn't run, in the daytime, she stood proudly, staring at the Man, mournfully.  A lovely piece of *art* all on her own, even without fire.
She was lovely.
And it is my greatest hope that she makes your heart race when you see pictures of her now, and remember your time working on her.
So I pass all those words and praises to you: Thank you so much for Egeria!  She would not have lived were it not for all of us working so hard.

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