construction crew

People ask me, "did you make this??"
Of course I didn't! Many people built Egeria.

All of these people were crucial to making Egeria happen.
Many spent countless days or months doing difficult physical labor:
welding, cutting, drilling, pounding bowls,
carrying, packing, assembly and all sorts of things!

Egeria would not exist without their help.

Berkeley crew [in no order whatsoever]:

Steve Dartt
Myrrhia Resneck-Sannes
Johnny [last name?] -- Myrrhia's friend
Richard Cossel
Debra Bainum
Greg Solberg
Lisa Pongrace
Otmar Ebenhoech
Douglas Smith
Will Keller
Chris Mills
Matt Alexander
Scott Bartlett
Chris [last name?] -- guy who "woulda paid an apple core" to pound the bowls
Chris Prosser
Dan Foygel
Dave Bayer
John DeVenezia
Amy Miller
John Neary
Julie Holabird
Michael Snook
Tim [the scrounger guy]
Greg Tse
Craig Harmer
Paul Ozzello
Claudine Sakayan
Aaron Muszalski
Jeremy Lutes
Dan Das Mann
Michael Christian
Pepe Ozan
Pouneh [last name?]
Tamara Li
Kevin Mathieu
Jensen Hastings
Bob Wallace
Matthew "Mr. Foo" Harper
David Ellsworth
Scott Kildall
Jim Mason
Nicole Maron
Cameron "Teiwaz" Assadi

Sac'to crew:

Michelle Brick
Chris Brick
Emily Cole - plasma cutter girl
Emily Pugh -- Allen's sweety
Allen Denault
Katy [wired girl]
Tedd Malter

Desert crew:

Thomas Feilkas
Carl Dekart -- space bug guy
Amy [last name?] -- Carl's sweety
[a group of Amy's friends who helped on the playa]
Robin Wellwood and Carl and Bret Wilson -- helped pack up
[guy who showed up and fixed the fuel box]

Film/photo crew:

John [last name?] -- "sound guy"
Sandy Gentile
Megan Gentile
[sound guy who came out once but didn't work out...]
Matt "Meuon" Harrison [sp?]
Christopher Schardt

Procession crew:

Jennifer Clemente
Patricia [last name?]
Rachel Carpenter
Loren Carpenter
Maureen Garrett
Paula Adams
Dan Lyke