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Egeria -- current project

The Cauldron
The Cauldron

Chalice firefall by Scott Bartlett
Chalice -- NEW!!

The Ceramic Thing
The Ceramic Thing

Lilypads -- a collaboration with the Flaming Lotus Girls

Other Firefalls
    (Folks made their own)

Pillars, by Joey Pettigrew

by Joey Pettigrew

Other projects

Ersatz Campfire, by Scott Bartlett
Ersatz Campfire

by Scott Bartlett

Thought, by Scott Bartlett

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  Fire Walkway


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The Cauldron

"But he did not understand the price.  Mortals never do.

"They only see the prize, their heart's desire, their dream...
But the price of getting what you want,
is getting what you once wanted."

--Dream of The Sandman comic by Neil Gaiman

Construction 1999 -- Burning Man 1999 -- Winter 1999
Spring 2000 -- Summer 2000 -- Burning Man 2000 -- Winter 2000
Spring 2001 -- Winter 2001
Spring 2002

Construction 1999 -- Burning Man 1999 -- Winter 1999
2000 -- 2001

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(c) Catweasel 2002

My Burning Man project in 1999 was to build a much larger firefall than I had done before.

It is 3.5' tall, 6' around at the bottom.

It requires 450 gallons of water to run.

The water pump pumps 4 gallons a second. [15,600gph]

It uses 5 gallons of fuel in about two hours.