EL-Wire Art
Not quite like neon

Here are some of my completed projects:

Gallery 2000 -- Gallery 2001 -- Gallery 2002

What is el-wire?

El-wire is also known as electroluminescent wire, also known as Cool Neon.
It's basically a capaciter with phosphors as the capacitance medium.
All that means is there's one inner core wire that's dipped in the phosphors
and two small outer wires wrapped around.
The whole thing is covered in a clear vinyl tubing -- it's very small!
When an alternating current is put on the inner wire and outer little wires the phosphors glow.

The el-wire can be treated much like neon in use, though it is much, much smaller.
It's very energy efficient -- a couple batteries last many hours!

This page is a showcase of projects I have done with the wire.

Some are even for sale -- Send me some mail to inquire!

Here's some folks who sell the wire:

These are my friends Joel and Elise Wyland.
Joel is a crazy-man who has the first Black Rock City Cab Company!
Scott and I hope to have our own Taxi and ride with him either this year or next!
Joel gives special prices to Burners, as long as you know the secret password!! :)
Be sure to click on the Burning Man logo!

Funhouse Productions
This is my friend Benny. He and Amy are very cool folks!
They and many others were the fish-bikes at Burning Man 1999 -- awesome project!!

This is my friend Chris Petrell.
Chris worked very hard in 1999 to put together a massive Burning Man at-cost wire order.
He's the reason that el-wire has really taken off at Burning Man!