Lowly Worm's Apple Car

Lowly Worm's actual car
Lowly Worm floats on clouds

The Apple Car from last year's Burning Man
Apple Car 2003

History: Lowly Worm is a character from Richard Scarry's children's books.  Lowly worm is rarely the main character, but shows up in hidden places.  It's fun for kids to try to find Lowly Worm on every page.

Lowly Worm has a car.  It's made of an Apple.  His car is not fast or big, but it suits him.

Sparky's Apple Car is based on Lowly Worm's Apple Car.  On the playa, his Apple Car looks small, like Lowly Worm's.  It doesn't go very fast, and makes a cute puttering noise when it goes.

Purpose: It's primary function will be to service the Flaming Lotus Girls' project -- running quick errands back to camp for forgotten tools, water, and small pieces of equipment.  Convenience is key to getting stuff done quickly.  The Apple Car was the primary "fetch" vehicle for the Egeria fountian last year, and it was invaluable even though camp was only about 500 feet away.  It is also nicer to have an artful vehicle to run errands in instead of a plain truck or car -- it makes Burning Man a better experience!  It will also carry a small Honda EU generator, so doubles as a mobile power source, to move quickly to where a tool or power is needed.  Again, a valuable resource for the FLG's project.

Interactivity: Sparky's Apple Car can hold up to 3 additional people, on a plush satin apple-meat colored seat.  The fabric is translucent, allowing the passengers to look out from any direction -- but from the outside, it still looks like an apple!  There are storage compartments under the seat to put tools, extra water, snacks, or other supplies.

Daytime: The fabric that covers it is rosy red sequins -- to make the apple sparkle in the sunshine!

At night, the Apple is lit by a xmas light mesh -- lighting the white interior inside.  The translucent fabric allows the light to illuminate the outer shell so it glows sparkly red all around, making it look like a giant glowing Apple Car at night.  All the legal lights are still installed on the original vehicle, plus the interior lights make the Apple Car very visible at night.  It moves very slow, with a soft puttering sound, so is easily seen by anyone.

The Apple Car was well-loved at Burning Man last year [2003], but there's always room for improvements!  The bottom part of the "bite" out of the apple will extend around to the front to cover the original vehicle better, and help shape up the "bite".  More fabric will be added to the covering to extend the bite.  However, because Lowly Worm's vehicle is clearly a vehicle, the wheels will still show to mimic the original Lowly Worm's Apple Car.

Some decorations will be added to the inside.  One of the compartments will be insulated for cold drinks.  If there is time, more form will be given to the cover to help round it out -- but our primary project priority is the Seven Sisters with the FLG!!